About Axxess


Axxess was founded in Santa Barbara, California in 1999.

By creating an upscale local Membership Program that was unique and trackable, we figured out how to bring local businesses the right local customers.

Axxess puts a spin on traditional advertising and shuns the paper coupon and the non-loyal customer that often comes with it. We leverage the advantages and longevity of print media along with online and mobile technologies.

Over the years we've cultivated relationships with thousands of business owners both big and small. We work with the husband & wife coffee shop owner and the marketing directors or agencies of national companies. Our expertise comes from being in the trenches with the local business owner thus gaining a true understanding of their needs; what works for them and what doesn't; what's a good use of marketing dollars and what isn't.

Today, Axxess is one of the largest and fastest growing paid consumer memberships in California, with programs in Santa Barbara & Ventura.

The most rewarding aspect of Axxess are the relationships we've created with local business owners, schools and non-profits, corporations, retailers and thousands of local consumers who feel like a VIP with their Axxess Card.

We are a brand people trust and we're very proud of the positive impact we've made in our communities having raised over $2 Million for local schools and non-profits since 2004!

Recently, Axxess was named Santa Barbara's "Community Business of the Year" (2011 Goleta Chamber of Commerce) and "Small Business of the Year" (2013 Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce).  We are honored to be recognized in the community we serve and are very grateful for our business partners and Axxess Members for your ongoing support of our program.

If you have any questions about Axxess or would like to learn more about bringing Axxess to your community, please give us a call at (805) 884-0307.